Forehead flap


Skin taken from the forehead has long been a donor of choice for major nasal repair. The color and texture closely match that of the nose and the scar left behind on the forehead is either minimal or easily hidden.

The forehead flap is used when the nasal defect is deep, extensive or requires lining replacement or cartilage support.

The first of what will be two (and possibly three) surgeries is an in-hospital procedure that usually requires general anesthesia. The second and/or third procedures can be performed under IV sedation.

During the initial operation skin is lifted from the forehead on a vascular bridge or pedicle with its own blood supply. It is then moved and repositioned over the defect.

A month later the pedicle stalk is divided and repositioned. Further revisions will focus on improving appearance and restoring function. The results always improve and later revisions often amaze.

Forehead Flap